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Biodiversity tour

To wrap up the AIBBC 2023 scientific programs, a biodiversity and networking tour will be organized on Nov. 4th.

This will be a one-day tour to some of the most fascinating and popular attractions in Naivasha. You can look forward to an exciting networking event that will definitely leave you with lasting memories of Naivasha.
More information on how to participate will be posted later.

How to join

Information on how to participate will be posted later.

Information about popular attractions in Naivasha

Whether you are active and daring to explore the area on a bike, or you love to relax and feel the atmosphere by the lake shore, Naivasha meets all the expectations of her visitors.

We encourage attendees with flexible schedule to extend their stay beyond the conference schedule to explore and enjoy the spectacular scenes and cultures Naivasha has to offer.

Visit this Tripadvisor page to see what you can do in Naivasha.

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